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    What we do


    Ware Housing Service

    Long-term and short-term proper storage for goods in transit with advanced tools and supplies.


    Air Freighting Service

    One-stop solution for all air freight needs serving all the world’s major ports with door-to-door handling at competitive rates.


    Ocean Freighting Service

    Safe and professional import or export of goods to hundreds of destinations across the world with door-to-door service.


    Road Freighting Service

    Bid goodbye to logistical woes with our trucking and delivery transportation of items ranging from small to bulk ones.


    Heavy Lift Equipment

    State-of-the-art lift equipment and cranes that facilitate safe on boarding and off boarding of heavy items.

    Water Front Support

    Safe loading and discharging of heavy cargo by experienced staff and cutting edge equipment.

    International Air & Sea Freight Forwarder in Singapore

    Global importers and exporters can take advantage of the full-service international freight forwarding services Air Sea Logistics provides. Thanks to our extensive global network of partners and agencies, we can negotiate the best price to transfer your services along the most affordable route, be it air, sea or transportation. If you are looking for the best logistics companies in Singapore, Air Sea Logistics is the best option for you. We offer the best services for shipping from Malaysia to Singapore.

    Over the past 25 years, we have successfully managed international trade between a wide range of nations as one of the top international Freight forwarders Indonesia to Singapore. Air Sea Logistics has also earned our clients’ respect and has become their preferred freight forwarder. As a result of globalization, we take the initiative and constantly adjust to the market’s demands.

    Being trustworthy and capable freight forwarders, we collaborate closely with our clients and meet their specific needs, ensuring they are kept informed about every shipment. Ultimately, we want to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering exceptional, personalized air and sea freight service.

    In search of the most affordable freight forwarder to address your supply chain management issues? If you contact us with questions, a customer service team member will respond to you within a day.

    Role of a Freight Forwarder

    Freight forwarders are frequently referred to as the travel agents of global commerce. For shippers who have a consignment of products to move from one country to another, their primary job responsibilities are to locate and reserve the best routes, modes of transportation, and particular carriers.

    To negotiate the most affordable price to transport shippers’ goods from one port to another, ocean freight shipping services make use of long-standing relationships they have developed with numerous carriers. These freight forwarding agents choose the most cost-effective and effective route by comparing various bids. Because a good freight forwarding service can also save you time and future headaches at a reasonable price, it makes sense to hire a freight forwarding company to handle your shipping problems.

    Why Choose Us?

    Custom Broker And Freight Forwarder

    Unlike other freight forwarders, we offer a wide range of custom brokerage air freight services in Singapore.

    Worldwide Operations Hubs

    Our operation hubs are located worldwide. You can easily get our air shipping from Singapore to China services.

    One-Stop Supplier

    Unless the goods are not exported, we assist customers outside of Singapore who import into Singapore to consolidate or repack before exporting.

    Concurrent Prices

    As one of the biggest international freight forwarding companies, we can provide affordable pick-up from any city in the world.

    Product Verification & Supplier Pickup

    Correct paperwork is essential for every shipment in Singapore, regardless of the type of sea freight China to Singapore you select, be it sea or air. For businesses, it would be a nightmare if their goods were shipped on time only to discover that they were delayed because of incomplete paperwork at a particular checkpoint. In addition to our standard documentation and product verification, Air Sea Logistics has years of experience arranging, managing and handling the direct pickup of your product from suppliers. We are aware of this pain point.

    Why Trust Air Sea Logistics?

    The following four factors make Air Sea Logistics your top choice for Freight Forwarder from Australia to Singapore:


    Our extensive global network of partners makes sure that your products are delivered in the quickest possible time and via the best route.


    We are the Best Freight Forwarder Thailand to Singapore and provide our user-friendly, market-leading solutions at affordable prices to help you reduce costs.


    We have numerous safety procedures, practices, and tools in place to guarantee that your goods are delivered in the same condition as when they arrived at our facility.

    Real-time tracking

    We give our customers the ability to track their shipments at any time and know the precise location of their goods.

    Contact us today for a free quote on sea freight from China to Singapore.



      Transparent Pricing

      We at Air Sea Logistics maintain a transparent pricing policy whereby our clients need not worry about incurring any hidden charges.

      Warehouse Storage

      We offer comprehensive storage and sorting solutions based on the commodity of the cargo. Our warehouses are fully equipped with all safety equipment.

      Real-Time Tracking

      We offer accurate real-time tracking solutions which help our clients know exactly where their goods are at all times of the shipment.

      Security for Cargo

      We handle cargo safely, securely and professionally for all air, sea and land transportation services locally as well as internationally.

      Easy Payment Methods

      We accept all major kinds of payment methods to enable our clients to make payments in their most preferred way.

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      Satisfied Clients


      Here are four reasons which make Air Sea Logistics your best partner for freight solutions:

      • Speed: We have a wide network of partners across the globe who ensure that your goods are delivered through the best route in the shortest amount of time.
      • Cost efficiency: We offer our intuitive and industry leading solutions at competitive rates to enable you to optimize your costs.
      • Safety: We have numerous safety practices, procedures and equipment in place to ensure that your goods are delivered as good as they came to us.
      • Real-time tracking: We enable our clients to know the exact location of their goods at any time they wish to check up on their shipment.

      Our clients come first at Air Sea Logistics. The services we provide are meticulously tailored to the needs of our clients. Providing seamless and safe delivery of your goods is our number one goal because we strive to meet your needs as your one-stop partner for all your logistic freight needs.

      We provide an extensive range of services, including air freight, ocean freight and land freight. It is our goal to provide you with the best way to transport goods to the other side of the world that is both cost-effective and the fastest way possible.As a globally established agency network, we believe in the quality of our services and look forward to being your ideal service provider.

      Ocean freight, air freight, and land freight are the most common modes of freight transportation. There is a unique set of pros and cons to each of these forms of freight, ultimately determining which is the best choice for your needs. For instance, if you need goods delivered urgently, then air freight might be the quickest solution. On the other hand, if you need to deliver goods locally or within your country’s geographical boundaries, then land freight might be a more suitable option.


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