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    During the pandemic, shipping and logistics have proved to be the hard-working sectors that have made things relatively easy like Air Sea logistics company. Transporting medical equipment and other essentials during this pandemic was only possible with shipping companies’ hard work and dedication.

    What is a freight forwarder?

    A freight forwarder is a business or individual that specializes in arranging and managing the shipping of goods from one location to another, both domestically and internationally. Freight forwarders are typically used for large commercial shipments, but can also be used for smaller packages and cargo. Freight forwarders offer services that simplify and streamline the international shipping process by taking care of all the details, including customs clearance, insurance, tracking, transportation, and more. 

    What is Shipping 

    Commodities, cargo and goods are transported from one place to another based on client calls using a medium known as shipping. Shipping was previously used for only sea carriages but later on, it has been used for land and air transportation as well.

    Businesses need shipping services on an urgent basis in case they want to move their office to an entirely new location or order new equipment from a distant place. Only a shipping and logistics company can help them in this sector.

    Not only businesses but residential sectors are also dependent on shipping companies in case they want to move to a new city or new country to shift their valuables from one location to another. International shipping companies can assist them in this sector.

    Types of Shipping

    There are various methods of transporting goods via shipping. The various method used for transporting goods and cargo are:

    1. Road shipping: It is considered to be the most used shipping method and also one of the most important ways of transportation. Road shipping is preferred when goods to be transported are within the same country. It is conducted via professional drivers using different trucks.
    2. Air shipping: The best mode of transportation is shipping via air. Whether it’s your goods, cargo or any valuables it can easily be moved on within a short period across the globe.
    3. Rail shipping: If any machinery or big appliances need to be transported then via rails is the best option you can opt for. There are various companies on which you can rely for proper packaging and safe transit of your goods via rail.
    4. Sea shipping: One of the most affordable modes of transportation is via sea if you wish to carry goods irrespective of size or price across the globe. Numerous companies offer such kinds of services irrespective of goods’ size, shape and weight.

    Cargo shipping 

    It is often referred to as the shipping of goods by specialised ships across the globe. It has become quite pivotal in maintaining a stable economy since the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic. Various ships carry various types of cargo such as oil, scrap metals, white goods, iron ore, diesel and petrol, food and drink, electrical and electronics equipment, raw materials for manufacturing and coffee.

    Ocean shipping

    Ocean freight is a method of transporting large quantities of goods via sea. Products are loaded into large containers and loaded into vessels to be transported to the destination country.

    How International shipping works

    Ocean freight allows businesses to ship goods overseas. There are numerous economic benefits associated with ocean shipping around the world. The majority of our purchases are transported by ocean. Across the globe, there are more than 200 million shipping containers that must be transported by container ships.

    There are billions of tons of goods transported along trade routes every year. Ocean freight is transported on regular routes by high-capacity ships. Despite its high base cost, ocean freight scales well, which makes it a popular choice for freight transport.

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