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    Instead of transporting the cargo themselves, air freight forwarders ensure that the logistics are in place to move the goods. To ensure that goods are delivered at the right place and time for the lowest cost, they ensure the various transportation organizations are able to connect to a smooth chain of operations.

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    What are the steps involved

    Initially, the goods will be transported to the airport within a certain normal time before departure, also known as a slot or slot-time, of the contracted aircraft. In addition, the following steps need to be completed before loading:

    • Weighing and balancing the carrier on the cargo side will follow safety regulations.
    • Cargo exhibit are to be made for all goods on board to facilitate the airline’s import and export declaration to customs.
    • To notify the captain (NOTOC) of the aircraft of potential risks associated with the cargo on board in an emergency. Among these goods may be live animals or extremely valuable items, as well as the right environment (e.g. temperature).

    Step 2: Once the goods are loaded up, during the flight, the crew will control the in-house temperatures according to notify the captain provided.

    Step 3: Prior to a time before arrival (TBA), the crew will provide a freight forwarding message (FFM) or a pre-alert to give a heads-up to the handlers at the destination to receive the cargo. This is to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

    Step 4: Lastly, the cargo will be handed back to the forwarders to be delivered to the various destinations.

    Benefits of air freight forwarding

    1. When it comes to speed, air freight wins hands down as it takes less than three days to ship, as compared with around thirty days to ship via sea. As far as sea freight forwarders and land freighters are concerned, freight forwarding companies have a wide network of partners that can help you arrange the best deals for the fastest routes across the globe in the shortest amount of time. Getting your products out to the market quickly is crucial.
    2. Air freight brokers combine all the logistics into one bill and arrange the best deal for you. Saving time and money allows you to focus on the main activities of your organization.
    3. Safety is a priority: In Singapore, especially for international deliveries, companies make sure that the goods are insured to minimize financial risks.
    4. Easy to track: Now that all freighters have online tracking systems, it is easier to track your goods’ progress.

    Should I use an air freight forwarder Singapore?

    • There is a common misconception that sea freight services are cheaper than air freight services. Your cargo is being charged high rates because of this. A sea freight agent will charge per-container rates for standard containers. While weight can have a significant impact on sea freight prices, it tends to be more dependent on shipment size. Nevertheless, if you are shipping less than a container load, you will be charged by the cubic meter. As a result, the margin between prices becomes smaller with smaller shipments. Furthermore, ports charge a much higher fee than airports for warehousing. The best delivery method for lighter and smaller items is air freight.
    • When you need your goods urgently, air freighter is the fastest mode of transport out of all three. A freight express service is another viable option if you need your goods as soon as possible.
    • Due to air travel’s time-sensitive nature, airlines tend to be more punctual with their flight schedules. Furthermore, major cities around the world typically have a wide range of flights every day. Ocean freight forwarders, on the other hand, are often two or three days behind schedule. They also have weekly schedules. Hence, missing act of stopping or interrupting the supply of something at seaports will cause longer delays. For certain time-critical businesses, going by air would be the ideal mode of transport.

    Why use Air Sea Logistics as a Logistics company in Singapore

    At Air Sea Logistics Warehousing Singapore, our customers are a priority. We are ultra-careful and dedicated to tailoring our services in accordance with the needs of our customers. We make great efforts to be your ideal provider for your one-stop solution for your logistic freight services to ensure that your goods are delivered to their destinations fluently and safely.

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