Air Sea Logistics is a step ahead in logistics innovations and novel methods to provide nothing but the best service at the cheapest rates.

Managing a business is a tough job on its own. You do not need to and the burden of the details of logistics of the goods used in business when they are being transported across a national border. Things become a little tricky when it comes to a strict country like China. Since the country is best-known in the world for its extraordinary numbers in goods export, it is only right that a business takes advantage of it. We are here to make sure that you can take on a new level of challenges in your business without being burdened by the problems surrounding logistics.

We are the best freight forwarder China to Singapore and the other way around and we are here to serve you. We offer custom made plans to accommodate the needs of each client. There are a number of other service providers in the industry yet our name hails as the top one because of our transparent business process and traits. Here’s how our services are proof of them:

Standardized measures for each step of the logistics process

Processes like air freight and ocean shipping have a lot of steps involved at the beginning from the receipt of goods to the point they are delivered to the end destination. When the goods are travelling long distances like shipping from Singapore to China, there are a lot of steps to check off of the checklist to ensure safety in transit.

Each one of them has been standardized by our industry professionals to make sure that every process lives up to a certain level of quality. This helps in safeguarding the goods from damage and theft. Moreover, through this, the contents of the shipments reach the final point as they were handed over to us.

Controlled chain of order for the handling of previous goods

For any precious goods that need shipping from Singapore to China or the other way around through any method of shipping, there is a clear chain of command which is reflected in the transparent tracking system. Our in-house experts have been carefully placed in each of the ports both at the exporting as well as importing countries to effectively manage the order of transmission.

Clearance services at the docks and ports for ease

We take up responsibility for the goods of our clients not only to ship them over the waters from one country to another but also the details at the exit and entry points. It takes a lot of paperwork and checking for sea freight to move into international waters. The burden is even heavier when sending goods as air freight. Our services extend towards the clearance process to let the goods legally pass through the geographical boundaries of the trading countries.

Highly professional team with years of experience

Our logistics process is handled by some of the best-known names in the logistics business. They have worked in this field for a long time and have decades of experience under their belt. Their innovative inputs into improving the business process and shipping techniques are unique in the industry as well as highly effective.

Our values are clearly reflected in the services provided by us. We take utmost care of your goods and containers, no matter their weight or volume. Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any query or to avail of our services at the cheapest price!