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    Air Sea logistics offers the perfect business solutions for shipping and ocean freight to Singapore from worldwide. After more than a year-long pandemic, the world economy is finally opening up its doors to welcome newer and better business opportunities. Since the 1980s, Singapore has almost tripled its import volumes making it a suitable target for import. Such a high volume of trade and imports in particular has made it a central Nishan for transporting goods. Because of the favorable geographical position of Singapore which is surrounded by water bodies, Ocean shipping to Singapore is a viable option for a lot of businesses. As such, commercial giants use freight forwarder China to Singapore primarily for sending goods across international waters. This transport facility can be greatly advantageous to countries that are focused on exports. Here is how our services as a logistics company can help you in your business process of transporting goods to Singapore.

    Cargo volume for ocean freight

    We accept cargo shipments of different sizes and weights to make sure we cater well to all of their needs. There are different ways to measure the weight of the shipments. The volume of trade is greatly facilitated by our services since we offer customized services and accommodating reeds to make it the cheapest shipping from Singapore to China and the other way around in the business.

    Added safety measures

    When it comes to transporting goods from one country to another and especially and especially in bulk it becomes all the more important to look for safety measures beyond the general practice. Safety of the goods in transit via sea freight is of paramount importance to us and we go the extra mile to make sure that they are well-protected. A lot of goods are quite susceptible to damage because of improper handling and packing. This can become quite cumbersome for the clients because of the losses they face. We make sure that searches for the listed goods are handled with care so that no unnecessary damage can creep its way in.

    Top-notch packaging

    One of the most underrated problems that arise via ocean shipping is that the moisture in the atmosphere can interfere with the packaging and contents of the goods. Our experts in handling goods susceptible to moisture take extra packaging layers and steps for all-round protection of the goods. Moreover, adequate packaging with the latest techniques also protects the goods from being nicked by the containers upon turbulence.

    Drop at your doorstep service

    Convenience is a service we try our best to aim at and provide. It does not end only at getting your goods into the shipping vessel and getting them off at the port. It extends beyond the regular and into serving you to offer the best solutions. Our services also include picking it up from your doorstep and delivering it to you at a place of your convenience. By going this extra mile, we aim to take the load off our clients’ heads and deliver nothing but the best customer services one could have expected. These are the services that are provided by a logistics company that extends beyond the normal industry practice. You can reach out to us for a consultation regarding your ocean freight transportation requirements and expectations. Feel free to reach out to avail of our services or gain clarity on any of our services.