Air Sea Logistics is here to help you make the best of trade with some of the most lucrative offers on ocean shipping and air freight.

Ever since Singapore became the first Asian country to agree to a bilateral trade agreement with China, the business has boomed manifolds. To make the best of this economic agreement between these two growing economies, it is a golden opportunity for businesses to benefit from exports and imports.

We are here to solve your problems related to goods transit between the two nations. We are a renowned name in the industry of freight forwarder China to Singapore and the other way round. Our job is to make yours easier by safe and affordable shipping of your goods across borders. Here’s your guide to our services for ocean shipping.

Options for ocean shipping from Singapore to China

We provide services to transit your goods or freight across international waters. The load in the container is optional to our customers. These are cost-effective options for any case. Whether your want to ship goods whose load is lesser than the container load or equal to it is completely upon our clients’ requirements.

Cost-effective shipping at cheapest rates

Although ocean shipping is one of the best ways of facilitating cross border trade, sometimes the cost of it can outweigh its benefits. We are the kind of logistics partner that takes care of the costs of their customers by providing customizable deals for the best rates in the industry.

The rate charged in your freight for ocean shipping can depend on various factors like:

  • The weight of the cargo.
  • The type of ocean shipping option chosen.
  • The type of goods in the containers.
  • Additional services provided to the customers like the door to door services.

In any case, we offer competitive rates to give our clients the best deals they can get their hands on.

Why should you choose ocean shipping over transit as air cargo?

Some weight restrictions entail air cargo shipping which becomes a problem if you are a trader of goods in bulk. This weight restriction makes Ocean shipping the best choice for shipping from Singapore to China the best option available for transit. The weight requirements of ocean shipping rightly fit the requirements of large containers and bulk shipments.

A freight forwarder China to Singapore can help you pick out the right container size for sea freight so that you can make the best of the deals related to your shipment size. Moreover, since the cost of air shipment is greater than that of ocean shipping, you can go for the latter one unless in an urgent situation.

Customs clearing process

Any good logistics partner will help you in the legal process of customs clearing so that your goods can be moved from and to a country seamlessly. There are some legal documents that you will need to provide to your logistics partner for shipping via the sea. Some of the key documents that you need to produce include:

  • Certificate of origination
  • The commercial invoice
  • A credit letter specifying the terms of an agreement between the related parties to facilitate the shipment
  • For ocean freight, Bill of Lading

These are some of the basic documents that are usually asked for and apart from these, the other related documents will depend on the nature of shipment and the type of goods. A certificate of permission may also be asked of you but we are here to help you with each of these every step of the way.