Air Sea Logistics is a reliable logistics company to help you manage sea freight from China to Singapore to optimize your business process.

Sea freight is one of the most popular means of sending goods from one country to another. Its appeal starts from the cost-effective point of view of businesses. There are many more advantages to obtaining sea freight as a means of transit over the other ones. Since the cargo load that can be transported via sea freight is much more than that of air shipping and roadways transport, it is preferred by medium to large scale businesses for convenience of operations.

We are a premium freight forwarder China to Singapore to help out your business in carrying out seamless global presence and business operations. Our dedicated team relentlessly works to provide you with the best shipping experience after thorough market analysis for competitive rates and services.

We take care of custom affairs on both ends of the port, that is China and Singapore so that you get on with your business without any days holding you back. Here is how our sea freight services distinguish us from other names in the industry.

Consolidated shipping from different suppliers of goods

Our logistics company offers the option of consolidated shipping so that our clients are free to choose from different suppliers. Shipping from Singapore to China can be a hectic process if goods are to be transferred in parts from every supplier. The goods can be consolidated in the containers and be shipped accordingly, be it full container load or less than container load.

In case you are a new business unaware of these terminologies or how the process works, we offer consultation to provide the right solutions to your needs. The FCL and LCL container options are available for consolidated shipping as well.

No compromises of quality of services to our customers

We have a reputed name in the business of air shipping and ocean freight and we try our best to keep it lifted by our actions. Our services are at a nominal rate to facilitate our customers with the best options but we do not do so by degrading the quality of our services. We have working professionals who have years of experience and expertise in their particular fields which induces quality control of the best measure.

Professional conduct with our expected services

A good reputation is built upon keeping the promises made and sticking to the deadlines advertised. We take our professional conduct seriously and adhere to the time frame given to us by the customers. We advertise what we deliver and our end to end process is transparent with an easy tracking process. By this, our clients can know exactly where their goods are and how they are being handled.

Coverage of multiple ports for doorstep shipping

A country is a large place with multiple ports and China, especially, is known for its vast geographical territory. We understand that the needs of our clients can arise from any port and they may want to ship it to any one of the multiple ports in the other country. Our well-connected business networks allow us to access the Major ports in both countries for convenience in sea freight.

These are the services related to sea freight that is specially provided by us to help serve you better. In case of any query or to avail of our services, feel free to reach out to us any time.