Air Sea logistics offers unique solutions for cross-border ocean shipping and air freight from China to Singapore for business convenience.

In the year 2019, China exported goods of an estimated amount of 50 billion dollars to Singapore. Imagine the share of business you can take from this enormous figure. One of the most agitating concerns of cross border trade is the problem of finding a reliable logistics partner.

If you are looking for one, then seek no more because Air Sea Logistics is here to provide an all-around solution to your freight transport needs. Our experienced professionals in this field and premium technology used for packing and transporting your goods is one of the best you can find in the industry.

Here is how our services can solve your problems freight transport

Make the best of business opportunities with speedy services

We are freight forwarder China to Singapore who can help you provides the services you need to make the best of the economic conditions prevailing in the two countries. Their promising export and import past indicate that good transport in some countries can do well for a business.

Our speedy air and sea freight transit services can help you stay true to your commitments and deadlines. It can also help you plan the rest of the schedule of your business and its plans. The recent bilateral trade agreement between China and Singapore has opened up new possibilities for a greater and better trade relationship between these two powerful nations.

Budget-friendly means of the freight carrier

We understand the importance of keeping your estimated costs under control which is why our services take one step ahead in this regard. We not only provide services and information related to our shipping services as a logistics company but also help you to figure out the best and most economical freight transport plans according to your needs of shipping from Singapore to China and otherwise.

This extra customer care and service set us apart in the industry and our industry-trained professionals work out to get you the best deals that fit your budget. Either way, our costs are competitive and attractive enough to be one of the cheapest freight transport services with a global reach.

Extra safety measures

People are naturally apprehensive about sending goods overseas through a logistics partner because of the cases of goods damaged or lost in transit. Our impeccable reputation in the business speaks for itself when it comes to safeguarding our clients’ goods from theft or damage.

Our safety measures in the transportation of goods exceed those provided by others so that your goods reach you in intact condition. Customer satisfaction is one of our goals and we try to achieve it with great care and safety while transporting goods.

Step-by-step assistance in port and legal clearance

Whenever the legal bindings come into play, things become a little chaotic. Not to worry, we have years of experience in the legal formalities that need to be visited before the ocean shipping or air freight process. We provide step by step guidance in these matters so that the legal side of the process becomes air-tight and sealed.

Apart from that our consultation process also provides you with the knowledge of the documents that will be needed. A comprehensive list of such important documents can take the load off your mind.

This is how our services can help you and your business reach greater heights with greater ease. If you require our services for any kind of cross-border freight transport services, please feel free to reach out to us any time.