7 Qualities to Look for in a Freight Forwarding Service

Freight Forwarding Service

7 Qualities to Look for in a Freight Forwarding Service

Freight Forwarding Service

In today’s world, transporting goods have become an essential part of many businesses and companies. And international shipping is great for economic development, but at times, it may seem daunting. To make the process easier, you must hire a freight forwarding service that will cover all the regulations and paperwork required in international transportation. A freight forwarder is a company that helps clients import and export goods and packages in an orderly manner without any hindrance. 

A freight forwarding service prepares the shipping document and tracks the transportation of goods till it reaches its destination. A freight forwarding service establishes a relationship with carriers from an air freight forwarder, rail, and sea freighters and even trucking companies to negotiate costs of the shipment process. They also figure out the economical route by keeping in mind what’s best regarding speed, cost, and reliability. Container forwarding services also advise and assist clients on how to ship goods more efficiently. The freight forwarding services have experts who obtain the right set of skills and knowledge of regulations, documentation requirements, transportation, costs, and other things required in the process of shipment. 

Freight forwarding is an excellent way to transport your goods without having to go through any hassles. But you must choose the right freight forwarding service according to your requirements. Below are seven qualities you ought to keep in mind when you look for a freight forwarding service:

  1. Expertise and Qualification: Ideally, you opt for a freight forwarding service that is qualified to handle your shipments that meet your list of requirements. They need to have a detailed understanding and knowledge regarding freight forwarding to guide you correctly.
  2. Quick Delivery Time: The freight forwarding service must set a time frame about the shipment travel time, custom check, and even warehousing so that you understand the process. The forwarder must contact the cargo owner about the estimated time for the cargo to reach its destination. 
  3. Industry Credentials: It is always a pro if the forwarding service is renowned and has a membership in national or international associations, as this serves as a compliment. 
  4. Experience: The shipping sector can be difficult, and like any other field, the competition is fierce. So having experience is necessary to stay in business. 
  5. Online Presence: Having recognition on any online platform says a lot about the reliability of a freight forwarding service. Online you can research and dig out more details about the forwarder and the services they provide. This platform also gives us an insight into what other people thought about the services based on their reviews. 
  6. Quality Insurance: Shipping goods can be a risk to the clients, the cargo owner, and the forwarding company. A good freight forwarding service company will provide you with all the terms and conditions that help build trust before making a deal.
  7. Flexible Load Capacity: Ideally, you must consider a freight forwarding system that is capable of managing the volume of goods to be shipped

How Much do Cargo Forwarding Companies Charge for Shipping Services

How Much do Cargo Forwarding Companies Charge for Shipping Services

Cargo Forwarding Companies Charge Shipping Services

How Much do Cargo Forwarding Companies Charge for Shipping Services

One of the most common questions that most exporters ask is how much a cargo forwarding company charge for shipping does. The true question to this answer is that the charges may depend upon a variety of factors.

To help you in getting an understanding of the charges, we have come up with a list of subjects that are included when you look for air freight shipping services.

Not all exporters have all these items included in their invoices. Thus, you can easily know how much payment you need to make as per the given list.

Airfreight Fee

The cost of air freight is dependent on a variety of factors. Some of the major factors include the size of the product you are exporting, the place of origin of the shipment, the destination of the shipment, etc. some of the other fee that may be included in the same cost include the:

  • Airline security charges
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Cargo screening fee.

Pickup Charges

This is another major cost that can be included in the invoice. The pickup charge is the cost that is collected from the shipper’s warehouse Singapore.

Handling Fee

The fee is generally associated with processing of the paperwork, copying the document, and preparing the airway bill. This cost helps the freight forwarders in processing as well as the handling of the shipment. When choosing air cargo logistics, the price can range anywhere between $35 to $75.

The AES Fee

This fee is especially important when you are importing goods from the USA. As an importer, you need to take care while classifying and declaring your goods coming from the USA. Thus, you exporters need to perform due diligence when exploring products. The information is filed through the Automated Export System (AES).

Security charges

Most people complain that the freight charges are too much. But, the reality is that 100% care is given to the products at the time of shipment. Thus, you can be at peace of mind that your product is safe and secure because you are paying the security charges.

Additional charges

In addition to all the charges mentioned above, certain additional charges may be demanded depending upon the product you are exporting or importing. Some of these additional charges include:

Fee for an export license

Countries like the USA also require licenses for all types of controlled items. These items may be used for military purposes. The fee is mainly charged on those products that can be used for dual purposes. For example, it can be designed for commercial use, but in some cases, it can also be modified for military applications.

Certificate of origin

Depending upon the destination country, in some cases, you may also need a certificate of origin to verify the manufacturer of goods.

So, the next time you are surprised after looking at the invoice, you need to know that all these charges are included in the invoice. For affordable and reliable shipping services, you can get in touch with air-sea logistics. Let us know if you need more details.