1. We are serving all Global destinations on port to port.

2. Direct and Consolidation air freight services on a regular basis.

3. Weekly LCL (Less than Container Load) consolidations services to various country.

4. Marine Insurance coverage available – Air Sea logistics​.

5. FCL (Full Container Load) and or special equipment service (Flat rack / Open top / 45 footer etc).

6. Full container load, Less than container load, out of gauge cargo handling (OOG).

7. Worldwide Import, Export and Transhipment freight services with Global network partners on Multi-modal transport.


Air Sea Logistics is a renowned name in providing multidimensional warehousing services for a complete experience of premium warehousing facilities.

We are a logistics company with a global reach working as a reliable freight forwarder from China to Singapore and the other way around. At times, it happens so that our clients do not need immediate shipping of goods across the national borders. They need to be kept within the country to control the costs and volume of inventory. It is because of this reason that we provide premium warehousing services in Singapore to all of our clients.

Our cargo warehousing services live up to high standards in terms of quality and progressive facilities of storage services. Our positive track record related to our customers speaks highly of our merit related to the procurement of business inventory, raw material management, and an organized structure of the supply chain of goods.

We procure the market data and analyse it carefully to assess the needs of warehousing services in Singapore. Our step by step process of assistance to dealers, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and other business units is effective in protecting the variety of goods from fluctuations in climatic conditions. Especially in the case of extreme cold, hot or humid atmospheres, these warehouses are the perfect haven for safeguarding goods in a country.

Different sizes available for the warehouses for different needs

The warehouses that a business needs will depend upon various criteria. One of the most important ones is the volume of goods being stored in the warehouse. For a medium to large-sized business with voluminous bulk of goods, a larger size of warehouses is a much better pic to keep the goods safe in a consolidated manner. Separate warehouses of smaller sizes for such a business would be inconvenient both in-store as well as in inventory management.

If if a small business wants to engage in our warehousing services, we provide small to medium-sized warehouses in Singapore to facilitate the ease of storage to them. It is a much more prudent investment to go for a small warehouse since it can be a personal space for a business’ inventory.

Cost-benefit factors are considered before allotment of warehouses in Singapore

Warehousing in Singapore is a wise business decision to assess and plan to ship out the goods from Singapore to some other country importing them, for example, China. All of these activities need to be carried out keeping an important point in mind- the cost of warehousing business inventory.

We offer world-class consultation and warehousing options that are curated carefully by our industry trained professionals who are Bonafide experts in their respective areas. Are services in to reduce the cost for clients without compromising on fulfilling their needs and the quality of warehousing facilities?

For example, a small business can earn more by going to a small-sized warehouse. The comparatively compact space saves the expenses in terms of rent for the most part. Apart from this the maintenance cost also reduced dramatically with size such as cleaning the premises and maintenance of adequate lighting in the area.

We offer the best deals on warehousing services in Singapore to help store and manage more goods at a much lesser cost.

We tailor-make the deals for each of our clients. Only upon considering and comparing the criteria of requirements do we offer the right warehousing solutions. In case of any query regarding our services or to avail them, feel free to contact us at any time.